GAVO DaCHS Software Distribution

GAVO's Data Center Helper Suite is a collection of (primarily) python modules to help you in setting up and running a VO-compliant data center; some parts of this code are useful for client-side applications, too. All parts of DaCHS are GPLed Free Software.

Currently, DaCHS supports:

Support for further protocols (e.g., VOSpace) will come as required – by us or by you. Talk to us about your VO publishing needs (as well as what we dream of in terms of contributed code).

GAVO DaCHS should run on POSIX systems supported by our dependencies. However, you are advised to set up a Debian machine to run it. Starting with Debian bullseye, you can simply apt install gavodachs2-server. As usual with Debian stable, these packages are usually quite a bit behind the development. In case you need the latest features, you can add our repository, which always works with Debian stable, too.

On other systems, you can use a docker container, or install manually from a tar ball; in the latter case, you will have to peruse the installation guide up front and get in touch with us. If you want to participate in the development of DaCHS, you are welcome to check out the source via git from

To see DaCHS in action, see, for instance, the GAVO data center.

More information, in particular on the non-trivial configuration and set-up, can be found on our documentation page.

If you run DaCHS, you are strongly encouraged to subscribe to our dachs-users mailing list; this has been really low-volume so far (about one mail per quarter), but you'll get to be notified of any major changes that might affect your services after an upgrade. There is also the dachs-support mailing list, which is our preferred conduit for support requests, bug reports, and the like.

News on DaCHS, in particular new releases, are also published on GAVO's blog under the DaCHS tag.